Management Team

Jedidiah Liu
Chief Executive Officer

Jedidiah has been an experienced real estate investor in the residential rental market since 2003. She started investing in the single-family residential market with tremendous success. Very shortly, she entered the multifamily residential market, owning and managing small and medium rental complexes. Professionally trained as a CPA, CA in Canada, Jedidiah possesses strong analytical and relationship management skills that are critical in evaluating appropriate real estate opportunities and ensuring the success of each real estate investment.

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Kasey Wong
Chief Operating Officer

Kasey is equipped with a plethora of property management skills and experience in rental properties and condominium buildings that typically range from 100-300 suites.
He handles all areas of property management and tenant management. Since his first real estate acquisition in 2003 together with Jedidiah until today, Kasey has managed over 3000 units ranging from high-end high-rise condominium buildings, townhomes to retail condominium plazas. His prior employers include Brookfield Residential Services, CAPREIT and some other boutique property management firms.
From owner-occupied high-end residential units to tenant-occupied mid-market apartment buildings, Kasey has accumulated a wide spectrum of knowledge and experience in areas such as building structure, elevator modernization, energy retrofit, solar panels, etc.

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